Niklas Stadler

Born in Munich, Niklas Stadler discovered his passion for music at an early age. Learning to play a variety of instruments over the last two decades, it is safe to say that music has always been the central constant in his life. In the mid-00s, Niklas made his first attempts behind two Technics 1210 decks and a DJ mixer. Fascinated by minimalistic sets of Troy Pierce, Mathias Kaden, Barem, John Acquaviva, Stimming, Extramwelt and Pan-Pot, he soon realized that the maelstrom of techno had already taken hold of him and would not let go. Clubs soon became his creative playground as a place to experiment with sounds until finally finding his very own style and groove. Digging records soon became a regular activity. His desire to enchant and hypnotize crowds by spinning the 12-inch favorites has grown limitless, rewarding him ever since with a continuously increasing amount of gigs at renowned clubs.

Co-founding the largest underground music festival on the Caribbean coast of Colombia (Electronic Art Festival) and being one of the owners of the infamous Baum club in Bogotá, makes him an important part in the Colombian electronic scene. Back in Germany, Niklas Stadler hosted in 2015 together with his musical family the event series Neurotanzmitter at Die Rakete, one of the most renowned Techno Clubs in Germany.

Despite early influences of Rock and 90s Old School Hip-Hop, his heart was always heavily beating in 4/4-steps to underground electronic music. The up-and-coming artist’s style is best described as an inspirational blend of rare old vinyls and modern tracks, covering the entire range between house and techno. In a playful approach, he creates a magical repertoire of feelings with his musical selection that reproduces within the audience. His DJ sets consist of hypnotic, deep and melodic grooves, sounding both distinctly ambitious and refreshing. Whether it is Warm-Up, Peak Time or Afterhour, Niklas’ intuition for the crowd, setting and atmosphere continuously proves that he lives for his passion. His taste in music is nowadays profoundly inspired by a broad range of artists, such as Bicep, Matador, Locked Groove, Undercatt, Mind Against, Solomun, Scuba, Alan Fitzpatrick, Len Faki and Joseph Capriati amongst many.

In few words, Niklas Stadler does not only understand but represents with his sound the love-binding kind of music and techno culture that brings people of all kind together.